Pastel Haircolour

Pastel colours are usually described as soothing, soft, near neutral, milky, washed out and lacking strong chromatic content. Pink, mauve, and baby blue are typical pastel colours. Hair colour does not have to be bright to have longevity and this pastel hair trend is here to stay. It is about soft beauty that is designed to fade out to never-before-seen tones.

Pastel hair colour evolves and changes every time you wash your hair to reveal another layer of beauty.

Painting pastel strands throughout the hair is one of my favourite things to do. The strawberry blond could be variations of copper and classic strawberry tones, but sometimes adding a hint of pink into a red haired or a blond palette creates a softness unlike traditional hair colour can provide.

Caution is always recommended when choosing pink based skin tone. However, in my 20 plus years experience, I have found that most complexions can wear pale pink or pastel pink glaze over their existing hair colour. It just is so beautiful and soft.

Pastels can work best on previously lightened hair or if you are a little too shy to lighten your hair, perhaps trying some clip-in extensions in a pastel colour would be a fun alternative way to try this trend.


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