Pastel + Unicorn Haircolour.


Hi, my name is Kristina. I am a Sydney based Haircolour Specialist that loves all things colourful... 

I like to approach hair as if it is a blank canvas, and layer the colours to create custom creations for each of my clients. I love the challenge of Corrective Haircolour and offer creative solutions on a daily basis. I work both in Sydney salon ‘Edwards and Co’ as well as keeping a busy schedule travelling teaching classes of my own design.

It was always my dream to work as an artist, and I left high school early to pursue my hairdressing apprenticeship. 15 years ago I followed my dream to study Textile Design and Printing at Sydney's exclusive National Art School which changed my perception of colour theory. My different perspective to the hairdressing norm in presented in my 'pure' education industry workshops.

I am a certified Rainbow Hair Mixologist and Unicorn Artist with a love for creating unique hair colours. I love creating Pastels for my clients. And I believe the key to a successful experience with a hairdresser is to be educated how to care for your look between visits. I love sharing inspiration and formulas across social media. My blogs go into a little more depth to help people know how to achieve their dream hair at home or in the salon.

DIY Haircolour and pastels have been evolving into committed relationships between clients and their hairdresser. Pastels do not last long in the hair and require home touch-ups for those committed to living out their pastel dreams. This is great news for people that lack commitment and want a short term fling with haircolour, because they don’t last long!

Pastel Haircolour works well on naturally fair hair and bleached hair. There are a few options for trying the pastel haircolour trend. For highest impact it is advised to bleach your hair to a pale blonde first, but not necessary if you just want to use hair makeup. I suggest trying hair chalks or hair make-up for first time users. If you are a Brunette, try vibrant colours like Purple or Coral. You can usually find hair chalks at places like Sportsgirl or Sephora but you might get lucky and find some at your local salon.

My favourite professional product to achieve pastel haircolour is evo Fabuloso Pro. This range is something I use everyday in the salon. The range has every primary (R,Y,B) and secondary (O,G,V) colour plus a brown & black. Every dye can be mixed with a moisturising conditioner base resulting in limitless possibility. I can create infinite colours ranging from pastels to brights, with the low commitment of 4 - 6 washes. Fab Pro can be applied within a salon or at home, but needs to be mixed by a professional. Rainbow colours have just become a lot easier! 

The secret to a successful Unicorn Haircolour is to know what colours mix well by thinking about very basic colour theory. Experienced hairdressers will paint paper before applying colour to hair so they can test beautiful blends. I love the brand Directions for longer lasting dye hard Unicorns and Punks. Play around on paper and do some finger-painting to find what colours you like blurred together versus a murky mess of unplanned colours mixing into each other. 

I would love to see your pastel and rainbow hair creations. Please tag me in your social media.

Kristina x