The colour de jour is Nude this Summer!

Nude is the new Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Salt & Pepper … but does the ‘Nude’ palette suit every complexion?

By carefully selecting the perfect Nude you can transform your Haircolour to best suit your complexion. And for the colour-shy client your hair will appear ‘naked’ of artificial colour. Fantastic! Sounds too good to be true right? 

Most of us have probably experienced having a toner put over our hair by our hairdressers, and sometimes these have been gorgeous and other times maybe a little to ashy or drab. A toner and a Gloss are both ultimately the same thing, just called different names by different salons. Finding the perfect Nude Gloss could be just as hard as finding your perfect lipstick, unless you read this blog and discover my secrets to a perfect colour for your complexion every time! 

Who suits the ‘Nude’ trend?

‘Nude’ hair colour enhances every complexion. Your Colourist will enhance your existing colour with a tone-on-tone application. Tone on Tone is hairdresser lingo for adding a colour shine without darkening or lightening the hair, which means you will have no regrowth or commitment. I like to describe the process to clients by asking them to imagine wrapping a present in cellophane, and how you can still see the present beneath but it is now shinier and coloured. 

Blondes never fear! The Pastel haircolour trend shifts towards Nude for Summer / Autumn 2018. Add Wheat lowlights for warmth, or Beige for cooler results. Glaze your highlights with a Nude toner in hues of Butter Cream, Cool Sand or Vintage Rose.

I love golden tones for hair but I understand many people hate to see anything brassy. Let me clarify that I love “on-purpose” Gold. Hair that is glazed with a Cool Golden colour will add even more sparkle than ashy cooler tones that tend to drab the hair down. 

Balayage is still the hottest choice for Brunettes wanting go lighter. My signature look combines soft face-framing Foil Highlights with Freehand Balayage. This look is designed to grow out so softly that clients only need to visit for a retouch every 12-16 weeks. However I like to see clients every 4-6 weeks for a quick tonal refresh. Nude toners for Brunettes to request: Walnut, Toffee, Cinnamon, Velvet or Espresso.

Grey hair lacks pigment or shine. Men and women with Salt + Pepper hair should try camouflaging their grey, as opposed to total coverage colour. Slate Grey and Charcoal are beautiful tones to blend away white hair and increase the ‘pep’  in your Salt + Pepper.

What if after reading this blog you are still feeling a little scared to try this trend? You should try a Crystal Clear glaze, which is literally a semi-permanent colour without tone. Everyone loves shiny hair! Suitable for first-time clients and anyone needing shine. A Clear Glaze just takes 30minutes and is highly recommended to do in conjunction with a special event blow-dry. The glaze smooths the hair cuticle and create unbelievable shine. 

I dare you to go Nude with your hair !