This season is all about playing with gold. 

My signature style is artistic colours with dimension. I am known for my unique approach to colouring hair as if it is a ‘blank canvas’. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, I like to create a 3rd dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. Forecasting haircolour and predicting what’s next for clients is a fun opportunity for us (hairdressers) to make suggestions of what we would like to do next for our client.

Spring/Summer Haircolour sparkles with the newest trend: GOLD. 

Fashion techniques and Creative toners are becoming the norm in hair salons, with a more complex approach expected and requested by clients. Sophisticated Golds and Iridescent Mauves are mixed with Natural hues for Balayage and Blonde clients wanting a shine revival. Ash tends to buildup in the hair that results in lacklustre dull tones, and clients become fixated on using purple tone shampoos to avoid brassiness. Brilliant and bright does not equal brassy or ginger, which means as hairdressers we need to educate clients that gold is an option. I am a firm believer that “on purpose” Gold is a beautiful thing in haircolour. 

Gold sparkles across 3 families with glossy results. Have you ever struggled with client consultations? I will share a little secret that I like to do for inspiration to source new colour names…. if you are wanting to suggest natural tones just head to your local hardware store for wood stains or paint colours. Voila’ you now have your new seasonal buzz words to share with clients.

Blondes to suggest to your clients for SS19 : Vanilla + Suede + Cream + Honey 

Brunettes to suggest to your clients for SS19 : Hazelnut + Warm Chocolate

Redheads to suggest to your clients for SS19 : Cinnamon Auburn + Golden Apricot 

Neutral versus Natural in Haircolour Theory : Are Brown and Beige neutrals ? Brown and Beige have hues, even if it is faint. So they aren’t neutrals, they are colours. And these need to be considered when formulation occurs for our clients. Brown and Beige are actually shades and tones of red-orange, orange-yellow, and yellow. Take a look at your brands colour chart and saturation scales again and analyse the colours background (is it tan and violet for example, or is the naturals a green base perhaps ?)

Brown needs at least one natural to make them. Therefore natural tones in hair are not basic colours, and they aren’t naturals - they are complex colours. With relation to Haircolour Natural’s in product ranges could have a Brown and Blue reflect, which mixes with iridescent (Mauve) Golds to create the new sophisticated Summer palette.

PS > I am always happy to help you

If you have any burning questions relating to Haircolour Techniques or Theory 👉 throw them at me - it will really help me to help you grow your Colour knowledge.

From simple "what level is Copper" or more complex questions "What's the best way to create customised colours for every client?" ... There's nothing that is off limits. Click on contacts page to email me directly. x Kristina

Colour Chords Theory for Hairdressers #2

Colour Theory that is based on principles or laws of colour remain consistent. Hairdressers that are grounded in these principles have the best ability to adapt their knowledge and offer the latest trends to clients with success every time. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”, is a famous quote by Charles Darwin.

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Perfectly PEACHY.

Peach Hair is trending and works well on a warm blonde base with texture. My personal approach is to create dimension with different colours mixed and painted throughout the head, because I have discovered painting pastels  require some hair to be brighter to hold the colour for more longevity. Hair is a fibre or canvas that doesn’t stand still, and therefore painting different strengths (or varied brightness of pastels) will allow hair to stain strongly on some strands, whilst fading to expose the underlying blonde faster on other hair strands.

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Nude is the new Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Salt & Pepper … but does the ‘Nude’ palette suit every complexion? By carefully selecting the perfect Nude you can transform your Haircolour to best suit your complexion. And for the colour-shy client your hair will appear ‘naked’ of artificial cBolour. Fantastic! Sounds too good to be true right? 

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Pastel + Unicorn Haircolour.

I am a certified Rainbow Hair Mixologist and Unicorn Artist with a love for creating unique hair colours. I love creating Pastels for my clients. And I believe the key to a successful experience with a hairdresser is to be educated how to care for your look between visits. I love sharing inspiration and formulas across social media. My blogs go into a little more depth to help people know how to achieve their dream hair at home or in the salon...

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