My colour philosophy is to preserve the hairs integrity whilst painting in beautiful texture, depth and dynamism. 

As an ambassador for amonia-free products, I not only choose to use them for their strengthening and fortification benefits, but because they allow me to create an endless palette of tones with a four-dimensional shine. Ammonia-free products provide high fashion tones and grey coverage for all hair textures and sensitive skin types.

1. Classic Hair Foils

Half Head - from 240
3/4 Head - from 280
Full Head - from 320
Crown & Parting Highlights - from 210
Accent Pieces - from 12 per foil
Clear Glaze Applied Between Foils - 70
Colourshine and/or Toner - Short 85 - 100 / Medium 95 - 110 / Long Hair from 115

Extra product may be charged if necessary for thick or long hair

2. Balayage

My signature look creates soft highlights from fine, hand-painted streaks to emphasise the natural movement in your hair. Loose layers come alive with colour, blurring from deeper roots to lighter ends. Balayage can also be combined with Foil Highlights for the ultimate Sydney beach hair.

Balayage - from 240
Virgin Balayage - from 260 for first visit application
Balayage Retouch - from 180
Balayage Finesse - 100

Prices vary depending on if a colourshine/toner is used. Extra product may be charged if necessary

3. Olaplex Treatment

This is the most revolutionary product of our time. Olalpex helps to maintain the hair integrity during lightening services, and is proven to dramatically reduce the chance of breakage post colour services. Can be applied with colour service and recommended to maintain at home between visits.

Short - 60 / Medium - 70 / Long - 80
Take home bottle of Bond Perfector #3 - 50

4. Permanent + Non-Permanent Solid Colour

Regrowth - 150 to 170
Short - 170 to 190
Medium - 190 to 210
Long - 210 to 260
Virgin Application Long - from 330

5. Corrective Colour 

Colour Reducer (gentle bleach-free product designed to lighten 1-2 shades): Short from 180 / Medium from 200 / Long from 220
Decolourisation (lighten artificial colour several shades) - price on application
Corrective highlights/lowlights (customised for over-processed hair lacking tonal variation): approx. 600 + colour shine

Corrective Colour requires a consultation and a timeline for future appointments. Service packages will include customised treatment program. All quotes will include home-care products (shampoo, conditioner, treatment and finishing products)

6. Platinum and Pastels

Single Process Platinum - Bleach Regrowth 180 / Short 200 / Medium 230 / Long 290
Virgin Bleach Long - from 350
Pastel or Hairpainting (varies on number of applications needed to achieve result): Short 75 per application / Medium 80-90 per application / Long 90-120 per application

Prices vary depending on if a colourshine/toner is used. Extra product may be charged if necessary.

7. Hair Painting

We’re in charge of our own destiny, we create our own colour, you know what i’m saying; we understand each other.

And while we’re at it, we’ll give them some of that ‘take - home goodness.’ Fabuloso Pro: we’ll make it together. evo® fabuloso pro conditioner bases extend the life of hair colour, improves hair strength, increases moisture and gives added uv protection. By adding the evo® fabuloso pro colour intensifiers to the conditioner bases I can create a customised colour intensifying conditioner for every client. Ask me how!

7. Special Event Looks - POA

Hair 'Make-Up' available for application in-salon and purchase for DIY detailing at home
Custom Hair Colour and/or Pieces
Glitter Pieces!

My service and retail products come with a guarantee of satisfaction. Please contact me within 7 days if you have a query or require an adjustment.

All colour prices are estimates and will be confirmed after your consultation. Prices will vary depending on technical difficulty, time taken and length of your hair. Post-colour styling is not included in colour price. Consultation booking available on request for $50. Advise and quote given for future haircolour appointments during your consultation with Kristina.

24 hours notice is required to avoid being charged cancellation fee for booking. Please consider this for all bookings made. Thank you!

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